El Mundo has developed an interest in graphic and web designing since his college days. Although he finished a Nursing course, his full passion for design and artistry has eventually eclipsed his initial ambition. Since no one has ever taught him the basics and the artistic foundation, he has learned the crafts through self-study and has done extensive research about his passion during his free time. By observing some artworks digitally and traditionally, he has learned to become more adept on the possible how-to’s pertaining to arts and the craft. He has used different approaches but has always been keen in learning new techniques from the people who have inspired him.

He has attributed his passion for arts and culture since his high school and college days. He participated in several musical and dance activities in school. He also joined and won several poster-making contests. He had been part of student council as the Student Council’s President in his senior years in high school, and as The Director of Arts in his college years. His experiential aptitude in arts since his younger years has driven him to prioritize his artistic pursuits and to capitalize on his abillities.

From Islamic upbringing, he decided to venture out his passion and decided to go to Cebu City to find work. After a 2-year stint in the BPO industry to gain career experience, he eventually decided to venture in entrepreneurship and started his own business. He named it Mohdify Web Services (now Mohdified.com). He had worked with several clients offering graphic and web designing, to web development before becoming one of the key members of eStratMedia as its CTO.

In 2014, after establishing his own business, he supplemented photography as among his services. Venturing into photography has led him to become more recognizable as a young fashion photographer and digital photographer.

El Mundo was born and raised in Mindanao. He studied Bachelors of Science in Nursing in Mindanao State University (Marawi) from 2008 to 2012. Ironically, he is currently working as an artist in Cebu. He has embraced his determination and motivation for his love of arts to his current endeavors.